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Learn more about our partners: who they are, what they do, and why we work with them.

What it Means to Be a Partner

Youth Mentoring Collaborative believes in creating and maintaining robust partnerships built on foundations of growth, courage, joy, collaboration, and relationships to deliver the best outcomes to youth-serving organizations in the Carolinas and beyond. We thank our past and current Program Partners for collaborating with us to build the capacity to serve and empower youth.

PLEASE NOTE: Youth Mentoring Collaborative does not directly or indirectly endorse any Partner's product or service that is or will be provided, whether directly or indirectly related to this partnership, by staff, leadership, mentors, and other associated individuals. Partners will not in any way state or imply that this partnership is an endorsement of any such product or service by YMC or any of its organizational units or employees.

Program Partners

Program Partners are those youth-serving organizations who engage with YMC's low and no-cost consulting services. Our services support the overall youth services ecosystem by building practitioners' and organizations' capacity to meet their missions. Our services include training, resources, public awareness, and advocacy supporting the expansion of mentoring initiatives. Learn more about our consulting services here.

We at YMC appreciate your effort to improve your organization by seeking consulting services.


Vetted Partners

We endeavor to partner with professionals and organizations whose values align with our own. YMC's Vetted Partners are those whom we have partnered with who infuse their values into everything they do. Our partnership signifies that we can comfortably recommend their services to those within our network.


YMC's Funding Partners are those who help to support our mission, vision, and values financially through small and large-scale grants. The YMC team consults with all team members to carefully select these partners, ensuring our values and missions align. A big thanks from the YMC team for your contributions to our organization!

Put Your Organization "On the Map"

Introducing Youth Mentoring Collaborative's Mentoring Map. This map is designed to display mentoring and youth-serving organizations in a searchable format for parents, guardians, mentors, and mentees to utilize for connection to said programs. To include your organization on the map, please fill out the form by clicking the button below. Expect to spend between thirty (30) and sixty (60) minutes completing this application.

Already a Program Partner?

Reach out to us at info@youthmentoringcollaborative.org to see if your organization already qualifies to go on the map.

Become a Program Partner

Interested in becoming a YMC Program Partner? Apply for no-cost consulting! The application takes around twenty (20) minutes to complete. A YMC team member will reach out to you within seven to ten (7-10) business days, and ta-da! Our partnership begins!

Vetted Partners


As far as relationships go, the ways in which we engage with one another matters. Positive relationships are built around showing up for each other in ways that don't cause harm and encourage each other's growth.

Atrayus O. Goode

Funding Partners



For Past Partners

Have you partnered with Youth Mentoring Collaborative in the past? Click below to tell us a story and learn more about how we can be a good partner to you.

Youth walking in a hallway on a tour.

For Current Partners

Let's support each other now. Submit a story about ongoings at your current organization to be featured on our website, in our social media posts, and more!

Youth taking notes and listening on a tour.

For Future Partners

Want to partner with Youth Mentoring Collaborative? Fill out an application below and we will get back to you with next steps.