Partner Spotlight: GRACED Inc.

GRACED Inc., A Community that Empowers Youth to Be Their Best!

In the heart of the Cornwallis community, where challenges like gang violence and limited opportunities loom large, GRACED, Inc. has emerged as a beacon of hope for historically underrepresented youth. Led by the passionate and dedicated Tiffany Swoope, the Executive Director of GRACED, Inc., the organization is on a mission to empower young individuals not just to survive but to thrive in the face of adversity. 

Ms. Swoope recognizes the pivotal role that mentorship and support play in breaking the cycle of trauma, which is why she has created extremely tailored programs through GRACED, Inc. that focus on nurturing resilience, fostering personal growth, and providing the tools necessary for youth to thrive in their communities. By investing in these programs, supporters aren’t merely endorsing an initiative, they are actively investing in the future of young people, helping them unlock their full potential and become confident, capable leaders of tomorrow.

The impact of GRACED, Inc. is evident through inspiring success stories. One young man, under the mentorship of GRACED, Inc., not only earned his high school diploma but has set his sights on becoming a first-generation college student. Another youth who was inspired by the discipline instilled by the organization is on a path to joining the military, guided and prepared by the mentors at GRACED, Inc. These stories underscore the transformative power of mentorship and opportunity in reshaping the trajectories of BIPOC youth.

The community plays a crucial role in supporting GRACED Inc’s work in Cornwallis housing projects. Volunteering time as mentors or tutors, making financial donations, and spreading awareness are foundational ways to contribute. Local businesses can offer internships and job training opportunities, while donating educational materials can enhance program quality. Fundraising events and advocating for policies that benefit youth development are also vital. Moral support and encouragement from the community can also significantly contribute to the teens’ self-esteem and growth.

GRACED, Inc. has embraced Youth Mentoring Collaborative’s Healing-Centered Mentoring™ fellowship, significantly enhancing its capacity to serve underrepresented youth effectively. This comprehensive program has equipped GRACED, Inc. mentors with advanced skills in a healing-centered approach, addressing the complex emotional and psychological needs of the youth. By focusing on healing and resilience, GRACED, Inc. ensures that its mentors and volunteers create a nurturing and supportive environment, adding substantial value and power to their approach.

GRACED, Inc. stands as a testament to the transformative impact that mentorship and support can have on the lives of historically underserved youth. Through dedicated programs, community engagement, and a healing-centered approach, GRACED, Inc. continues to break the cycle of trauma and empower young individuals to thrive, ultimately creating lasting, positive change. Join us in this mission because when they thrive, our community thrives!

For more information on how you can become involved with GRACED, Inc., please visit or email or by visiting their Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram pages.