Women’s History Month 2023


Women's History Month provides us a time to reflect on how we are serving the women and young girls in our communities. Quality mentoring relationships benefit everyone, including girls of color. However, women consistently report lower numbers of personal and professional mentors than men. This month, focus on how you can support the girls, young women, and women in your network by engaging with our stories and resources below.


Op-Ed "Mentoring Women: A Win-Win"

YMC Consultant Susan Everhart writes about women succeeding in professional spaces through with the support of positive mentoring.

Engage with Media by Women

The Cite Black Women Podcast

Listen to the Cite Black Women podcast, hosted by the Cite Black Women Collective. Episodes feature conversations with Black women inside and outside of the academy who are actively engaged in radical citation as praxis, quotes and reflections on Black women's writing, and conversations on weathering the storm of citational politics in the academy, decolonizing syllabi and more.

A Panel Discussion

Women's History Month Webinar

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Enjoy our Women's History Month Webinar: A Panel Discussion. Filmed Friday, March 24th from 12pm to 1pm EST. The Youth Mentoring Collaborative team and a selection of panelists discussed mentoring during Women's History Month. We touched on informal, peer, workplace, and youth mentoring, as well as the following:

  • Being a female-presenting executive in a youth-serving organization
  • Power dynamics among staff, particularly women in nonprofits
  • Breaking the glass ceiling
  • The importance of mentors for women

Learn more about our panelists below.


Explore some virtual events this month, celebrating Women's History Month and women's impact every day.

Remaking the Economy: Caring for the Care Economy

March 15 @2pm EST

This webinar, hosted by the Nonprofit Quarterly, offers the perspective of three leaders in the care economy, who will discuss these issues from multiple perspectives, including as worker-owners in care-sector cooperative businesses and as policy advocates. Learn more and register here.

Survival Vs. Thrival: Reimagining Thriving Societies and Communities for Girls and Women

March 16 @4pm EST

This webinar is hosted by the Steve Fund. Participants will be able to reflect on how Black women and girls not only survive, but thrive in our current social, political and cultural context. We will explore the historical and present day mental health barriers, while also recognizing and amplifying the strides and celebrations of Black women mental health advocates and wellness warriors. Learn more and register here.

"You have to believe in yourself when no one else does." - Serena Williams

Resources for Mentoring Young Girls and Women


Girls Equity and Empowerment Resource List

An extensive list compiled by Harvard's Making Caring Common Project for educators that work with middle and high school aged girls and young women.

Girls Group Mentoring Toolkit

The National Mentoring Resource Center's Girls Group Mentoring Toolkit for mentors or organizations looking to implement, develop, and evaluate quality mentoring relationships for girls and young women ages nine (9) to thirteen (13).

Mentoring Teenage Girls: "Watching them develop in confidence is amazing"

The Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring's analysis of an initiative by teachers to connect teens with successful female mentors.

Creating a Culturally Relevant Mentoring Program for Girls of Color

The Chronicle of Evidence Based Mentoring's resource for Creating Culturally Relevant Mentoring Programs for Girls of Color.

Without Mentoring, Girls Lose Interest in STEM Fields

The Chronicle of Evidence Based Mentoring's resource on the effects of mentoring girls, particularly on the number of girls in or pursuing STEM.

Female peer mentors early in college increase women’s positive academic experiences and retention in engineering

The National Library of Medicine's Study on female engineering students who were assigned mentors.


You can find more resources for mentoring youth as mentors, organizations, and caregivers on our resource page by clicking the button below.

A Webinar

Amplifying the Voices of Black Girls

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Women-Led Organizations in the Triangle

We want to highlight some of the women-led nonprofit organizations that we partner with in the Triangle.

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Women in Mentoring

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